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Service Information


1、 Important information

The awning protects against direct sunlight but is not suitable for all weather conditions. Therefore, please put it away in time before the following situations occur.

1. If the wind speed exceeds level 5 (about 19m. P.H.), the awning will be damaged; 

2. Rainwater can form a water trough on the surface of awning cloth;

3. Before the formation of snow on the awning;

4. In order to prevent the sunshade from being damaged, please take it back in time before the thunderstorm or the expected periodic strong typhoon; 

5. After the awning is received, the power will be cut off for a while;

6. In wet or cold weather, the fabric may harden. If you try to retract the awning, the motor closing system will automatically open;

 Under such conditions, do not open or retract the awning by force, otherwise the cloth hardened by freezing may be permanently damaged;

The awning is not allowed to be used to lift or stretch other objects, and it is not allowed to modify or add accessories to the awning completed from the standard factory. 

Do not attempt to touch moving parts during the deployment or retraction of the awning. Do not stretch or hang on the awning in any way.