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Installation design

1、 Installation conditions: concrete, brick wall, steel structure, wood, hollow wall or need to do another mechanism.

2、 Determination of installation mode: wall attached, suspended ceiling, inclined suspension or other special cases, another mechanism shall be made.

3、 The hanging mode of awning can be divided into embedded type and external hanging type

The effective thickness of the window frame that can be drilled can be confirmed by indoor operation of the embedded awning;

be careful:

Generally, the effective thickness is about 27mm, and the drilling position is about 22mm away from the side frame. In addition, the drill bit should be long enough, and the drill clamp should not touch the side frame when drilling, otherwise it is easy to deviate from the left and right.

4、 Confirmation of control direction: the person always faces the awning as the reference.

5、 Reserved motor wiring position

6、 Fully consider the future maintenance and maintenance of the awning, and design it in a reasonable position.