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Traffic police set up sunshade for you waiting for the signal

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In addition to sheltering from the wind and rain, it can also relieve anxiety

when it comes to rainy days or scorching sun, when people wait for the red light at the intersection, they will be more or less irritable, even a kind of suffering. Setting up sunshade at the intersection of traffic lights can provide pedestrians and non motor vehicle drivers with a shelter from the sun and rain. Especially in rainy days, for some pedestrians without rain gear and those without sun shading equipment in the scorching sun, they can wait at the traffic lights with peace of mind.

Reduce the probability of traffic accidents and congestion.

At present, there are many citizens who use bicycles and electric bicycles in urban areas. In the scorching sun, it is often found that in the traffic light waiting area of the non motorized lane at the intersection of the urban area, some pedestrians often run the red light to avoid the scorching sun. This kind of dangerous behavior often increases the incidence of traffic accidents and causes traffic jams. The sunshade gives people a sense of comfort of temporary station, which can help to reduce the occurrence of traffic violations