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Add a retractable sunshade to the terrace

  time:2019-06-04  come:

1. Easy disassembly and installation

This kind of retractable sunshade cloth is supported by stainless steel cable. The cable is fixed on the wooden frame or wall. If it is not needed, the sunshade cloth can be received to one side or directly removed. There is a balcony, very practical.

2. Save money and labor

Many people will like to build a glass sunshine room on the terrace. The construction cost is not low, and there is a risk of illegal construction. With this kind of retractable sunshade cloth, installation also does not need labor cost, the price is much cheaper than glass house.

3. Enjoy the sun without glare

Before I installed this sunshade, when the weather was fine, I would like to go out to the terrace to drink tea and chat. When the sun was not so big, it was very hot in summer. With the terrace, you can block the sun and ensure ventilation.

Compared with the traditional sunshine room, this kind of sunshade cloth is very convenient and practical. Friends with terrace can consider starting with it.