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  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of shading cloth curtain

    Will you make curtains with shading cloth? What are the advantages and disadvantages of shading cloth curtain? Sunshade cloth is a kind of sunshade cloth. In short, it is used to block sunlight and sunlight. It is a kind of functional auxiliary shading fabric. It is usually used to cover objects together with other fabrics to avoid contact with strong light. It can block strong light and ultraviolet rays. At present, there are shading cloth for curtain, which has a soft feel. The curtain made of it has the function of cold insulation in winter and heat insulation in summer, which has good privacy and sound insulation effect. And so on, for the hotel, for the show room.

  • Sunshades are set up at these intersections, and people are no longer anxious to wait for the signal

    In recent days, careful citizens may find that there are sunshades in non motor vehicle waiting areas at intersections in urban areas. This has brought great convenience to the past citizens.

  • Traffic police set up sunshade for you waiting for the signal

    In summer, the sun is scorching, waiting for the traffic lights at the intersection for a few minutes. If there is no shade, pedestrians and non motor vehicle riders can only bask in the hot sun, sweating, very hard。

  • Workers drive tricycles to transport jute sticks, the goods towering to form a

    June 28, 2020 (the exact shooting time is unknown). Jute sticks are manufactured in Bangladesh Treasury Shita, and workers drive vehicles loaded with hundreds of kilograms of jute sticks and transport them to the market 5 kilometers away. The jute stick on the car is 3 meters high. The vehicles driven by the workers are decorated in various colors. The goods are towering to form a "sunshade"!

  • Add a retractable sunshade to the terrace

    When I bought a house, the terrace sent by the developer was always idle there, and the property was not allowed to be changed into a sunshine room. Now the terrace can only dry clothes, which is too wasteful. But now my family does not have this trouble, to the terrace added a retractable sunshade cloth