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Shanghai Zoie Industrial is a professional high-end sunshade and rain protection project 136-3669-1913 中文

Human Resource Strategy

Domestic leading, international synchronization。

It has the most complete series of outdoor sunshade products in China, including garden curved arm awning, intelligent window awning, sunshine room canopy, creative sunshade sail, etc. We provide you with a competitive salary system and a broad development platform. We sincerely invite you to join us!

Talent Recruitment

  • sales manager5shanghaicollect


    1. English, engaged in foreign trade sales industry is preferred

    2. 20-30 years old, hardworking, down-to-earth, willing to learn, healthy, planning for the future;

    3. No bad morality, no tattoo;

    4. More than 1 year sales experience;

    5. High executive power.

  • Executive Assistant2shanghaicollect


    1. Be responsible for the management, classification, arrangement, filing and storage of sales contracts and other marketing documents. 

    2. Be responsible for collecting, sorting out and summarizing the market situation, price, new products, substitutes, customer sources and other information, and putting forward analysis reports to provide reference for department business personnel and leaders in decision-making.

    3. Assist the sales staff to do a good job in the reception of door-to-door customers and telephone visits; when the sales personnel are absent, timely transfer the customer information and handle it properly.

    4. Responsible for customer and customer complaint record, assist relevant departments to deal with it properly. Assist the minister in the internal affairs of the Ministry and the records of various internal meetings.